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   401k retirement plans

An employer-sponsored 401k plan is a great way to help your employees prepare for retirement. Choosing WC Administrators as your plan administrator makes sponsoring a 401k plan simple.

What is a 401k?
An employer-sponsored 401k plan is a simple, but powerful way to prepare for retirement. Contributions are withheld from employees' paychecks before taxes and are invested into funds that they choose in their 401k retirement account. Because contributions are withheld before taxes are deducted, participants pay less in current income taxes . They also provide tax benefits for employer matching and profit sharing programs.

The perfect fit
We excel at designing the 401k plan that's right for you. We help you create a plan that meets your company's objectives, and that is flexible enough for your employees to reach their own goals. We sponsor our own prototype document which gives us the ability to make a plan that is a perfect fit.

Freedom to choose
With a variety of investment options, the investor is in control. Participants can choose to invest as much as they want in the way that they want.

Dedication to understanding
What good is a retirement plan you can't understand? We make it our job to communicate plan benefits to your employees. We personally conduct the group meetings to introduce the plan when it begins, and then we follow up with individual meetings to help participants as they enroll in the plan.

The personal touch
Unlike some larger companies, at WC Administrators, we take your plan personally. Whether you're enrolling for the very first time, changing your investment profile, or beginning retirement, your plan administrator is there to help you. No matter what, the same people who help you start your plan will see you through to the end.


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